What is Fireproofing?

Spray fireproofing is the process of rendering a material incombustible. This is done by using a fire retardant such as fireproofing insulation. The purpose of spray fireproofing is to prevent or contain the spread of a fire, so as to limit damage to the building and provide more time for the building’s occupants to evacuate the building safely.  The critical temperature of steel is approximately 550 °C.  Above this temperature, steel loses its structural strength and can then lead to building collapse.  Celufibre provides fireproofing products in the form of HiBAR and Cementitious, which are both high-end fireproofing products.  To learn more, click on the links for each product.



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Hibar Insulation

HiBAR is a semi-cementitious spray-applied blend of high-temperature mineral fibres and proprietary binders used to provide added thermal resistance, acoustical control and fire endurance to various building assemblies. The composite contains no asbestos or free crystalline silica.  It is applied quickly and economically without the messy clean up problems of heavier wet-mix materials.  It is used as for spray-applied fireproofing, spray-applied acoustical treatment, thermal insulation, and as a spray-treatment for condensation.  To learn more, click on the link or contact a Celufibre representative.



We also offer a huge variety of cementitious products manufactured by Grace to do any kind of job that you may need.  There’s a cementitious product for whatever your application needs happen to be: interior or exterior steel exposed, rigid urethane and polystyrene foam plastics, steel and concrete substrates, and more.  If you’re looking for a tailored solution to your industrial, agricultural, or commercial fireproofing needs, we’ve got the right cementitious product and the best team to install it.  Contact us and a representative will gladly answer any questions you may have.